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Size Guide and Care Instructions
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Care Instructions for Logo Sweatshirts and Cardigans



40 degrees or less.

Wash inside out.

Do not bleach.

We recommend washing your garment on a gentle action 40 degree cycle (synthetics) with non-biological or colour care detergent. For lower environmental impact, sweatshirts and cardigans can also be washed at 30 degrees. To minimise pilling, wash inside out and with garments of similar fabric and weight.



Cool tumble dry only.

Tumble dry inside out.

Do not tumble with abrasive or heavy fabrics.

If tumble dried, use a cool tumble dry setting and ensure the garment is turned inside out. When tumble drying, do not mix with heavier weight or abrasive garments, as this will increase the risk of pilling. To avoid creasing, remove garments from the machine as soon as possible.



Cool iron only

If you iron your garment, use a cool iron setting. Ironing on a high setting will scorch fibres.



Wash and tumble dry inside out.

Avoid excessive abrasion of your garment.

If the fibres in your garment become entangled, they may form visible pills on the surface of the fabric. You can minimise the effects of pilling by avoiding friction and abrasion, rubbing (from bag straps or spot-cleaning) and snagging (from Velcro® or sharp edges). Remove pills with a de-fuzzing razor, a depilling comb or gently by hand.

Care Instructions for PE T-shirts, Polo’s, Fleeces


It is essential to follow the washing instructions on the garment label of all our garments in order for them to perform and last as designed. 

We recommend washing all garments inside out.

Wash dark colours separately.

Do not bleach.


Fabric conditioner should be avoided as this can interfere with the easy care coating on some garments and can weaken fibres within the fabrics, contributing to pilling.


Allowing garments to dry naturally is always best and tumble drying should only be done strictly following the temperature guidelines on the garment care label. 


Our garments are easy care and need little, if any ironing. If ironing is required please ensure the temperature is set correctly and the garment is ironed inside out. Ironing and tumble drying at high temperatures are the main reasons that garments are ruined.


Pleated garments should never be tumble dried.

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