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#Blacklab running 4×4 with Michelin soles- In stock now

We are pleased to announce an extraordinary collaboration between Primigi and Michelin creating #Blacklab which combines the footwear experience of more than 40 years of Primigi in the child field with that of the world’s largest manufacturer of tires: Michelin.

From the appearance of the first vehicles to today, innovating and surprising is the goal that continues to inspire Michelin. The “Soles by MICHELIN” project was born from this same mission in 2014, the aim of which is to transfer the know-how of the “contact to the ground” to the footwear field, to create high-performance soles. Soles by Michelin uses the most transversal skills to develop customized soles.

The result is a new line of children’s sports shoes called PMG #Black Lab Running 4X4, where the Michelin sole, exclusively conceived and designed for Primigi, is applied to a scratchy pattern in perfect harmony with the tread. This last one, inspired by the famous original MICHELIN Pilot Alpin tyre which fits perfectly with the design of the PRIMIGI models, creating a happy combination of beauty and technical performances.

Thanks to the special shape of the sole, the new PMG #Black Lab Running 4X4, with their dynamic and sporty look, will enjoy some advantages that are not at all secondary for a child footwear of this type: – Perfect grip to the ground even on slippery surfaces – Extreme flexibility and grip in every situation – Traction on the ground guaranteed by the special design of the sole – Protection against small impacts and ground roughness – Maximum comfort

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